11 Jul 2015

Potrošeni noktoproizvodi #1

 Rešila sam da započnem seriju članaka o potrošenim proizvodima vezanim za nokte, kako onim za negu tako i o lakovima. Na taj način ću barem ukratko opisati proizvode koje nisam predstavila na blogu, a i sumirati utiske o onima koji su dobili zaseban članak. 

I have decided to start a post series about spent nail products, both nail care products and nail polishes. That way I will at least shortly describe products I haven't presented on the blog, and summarize my thoughts about these ones which have got their own post. 


Prvi proizvod ove vrste koji sam probala. Kupila sam ga kad su mi nokti bili u lošem stanju. U pitanju je proizvod koji treba da ima petostruko dejstvo - jačanje, rast, hidratacija, ravnanje površine i sjaj. Mogu slobodno da kažem da nije učinio ništa od toga, šta više, za vreme korišćenja kao da su mi se nokti dodatno listali. Kao baza takođe se nije dobro pokazao, ako se dobro sećam čak je skraćivao trajanje laka. Kad je ostalo oko pola bočice, prilično je bio zgusnut, razredila sam ga, ali ovo malo što je ostalo je neupotrebljivo. Mislim da je jasno da nemam nameru da ga opet kupim.  No ako nekog zanima, bočica ima 8 ml i košta nešto manje od 200 dinara u DM-u.

The first product of this kind I have ever bought. I got it when my nails were in a bad condition. It is a product which should provide five effects - strength, growth, moisture, smooth and shine. I can freely say that it did none of them, what more, while using it my nails were peeling more than before. It wasn't good as base coat either, if I remember well it shortened the wear time of polish. Once I spent around a half of bottle it was quite thick, I used thinner, but this little product that have remained is practically unusable. I think it's clear that I have no intention to buy it again. The bottle contains 8 ml.


Moj omiljeni nadlak. Debela, velika četkica omogućava vrlo brzo i lako nanošenje. Na početku je relativno redak, ali vremenom se polako zgušnjava, kao i drugi brzosušeći nadlakovi. Razređivač će mu svakako biti potreban u jednom trenutku. Treba mu nekoliko minuta da se osuši. Zavisi i od samog laka, ali obično izdrži bar četiri, pet dana pre pojave bele linije na vrhovima noktiju. Ne puca i ne stvaraju mi se mehurići. Dolazi u debeljuškastoj bočici od 12 ml i sa malenim opisom i uputstvom za upotrebu zakačenim ispod čepa. Ima ga svuda, u Lilly-ju (293 din.), DM-u (315 din.), lokalnim parfimerijama (od 270 din).

Aura is a local serbian brand. Their top coat is my favourite one. Big, wide brush provides really quick and easy application. In the beginning it's relatively runny but it slowly becomes thicker with time, just like other fast drying top coats. Thinner will surely be needed at some point. It takes several minutes for Jelly to dry. It depends on the nail polish, but it usually lasts four or five days before the white line appears on the nail tips. It doesn't crackle and it doesn't make bubbles. You get 12 ml of product and a small description and instructions hooked under the cap.


Tretmanska baza koja je zaslužna za oporavak mojih noktiju, kao i mnogih drugih. O njoj sam više pisala ovde. Nemam puno šta da dodam sem da sam uspela da je istrošim maltene do samog dna, ostalo je za možda još jedno mazanje ali moraću dodati koju kap razređivađa jer četkica ne može da dohvati proizvod, a teško se sliva niz bočicu, inače samo nanošenje nije otežano.

The treatment base coat which has all the credit for my nails recovery, and many other nails. I wrote more about it here. I don't have much too add except that I have manged to spend it almost completely, there is maybe enough product left for one usage, but I have to add a few drops of thinner since the brush can't reach the product and it goes down the walls of bottle too slowly, however the application is not difficult.



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